Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dora the Explorer

It's Father's Day, and what a better way to spend it than with my son at Dora's Pirate Adventure. Yeah, that's right, screw the Oiler's game 6. I spent about the same for two tickets to watch a chubby girl and a guy in a monkey suit jump around on stage. Aidan loved it.

I wouldn't feel like I was gouged if they had put a little more effort into the props and costumes, and what the hell, the acting too. I'm sure that Nickleodean has amassed a fortune off of Dora merchandise, but it doesn't look like they spent a dime on the show. I assume it was a dance company that bought the rights to do the show, so good for them.

One thing about the show is that it was moved from Rexall Place to the Agricom. The acoustics just didn't measure up. The show was move because of the Oilers game. I guess the booking agent either figured they'd take the cup in 4 or else he's a Flames fan.


Blogger Sean Lavery said...

Yeah, did the same with "Bob the Builder". Nice production, though, and they did a great job on the machines. Had a problem with them charging adults for tickets - like we really, really want to be here? No, we came with our kids. Charge the kids, let the adults in free. And serve booze.

9:32 p.m.


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