Monday, May 22, 2006


We call Maggie our first child. Diana and I saw her at Petsmart in on Calgary Trail in Edmonton while we were visiting her sister. We went back the next day to the SPCA and picked her out of a large litter. It was a tough choice between her and her rolly polly brother, but Maggie seemed to be able to hold her own against all the other pups. She turned out to be quite an alpha female, which drove Diana nuts, since she's one too.

When I worked in the forestry biz, I would take Maggie out with me, for company and protection. She wasn't, however, the brightest or most aware dog. I have sat with her and watched a moose strut right past us. Maggie remained completely oblivious.

She was also a great companion for Aidan. She was very tolerant of his two year old behaviour. She put up with Aidan's ear pulling and Aidan loved her face licks. Occasionally, I would find the two of them curled up together asleep on her pillow.

It was a very sad night when Maggie left us. Somehow, she ate something poisonous and we had to put her to sleep. Now, as Aidan says, she is up in the sky, sleeping in the stars.

I Forget

Ok. So I'm a little slow at posting new things. Posting anything for that matter. I'm going to use the excuse that I forgot my password. I must have a few dozen passwords floating around in my brain. I am usually suprised when one actually works. I also suffer from short term memory loss due to long term, uh, pesticide exposure, when I was tree planting.